Update #3

Been making some really cool shit lately. Built an Arcade Machine, added some home grown games to it, published the first phase of Virtual Window on the app store and play store, started work on a multiplayer AR room-sized last-stand zombie shooter with positional tracking for University of Pretoria’s VR centre, and made some unity demos. Continue reading “Update #3”

Why this?

It’s time I start this blogging thing. I’ve got so many ideas and I reckon an output such as this would be a good idea. As a bit of background into what I do, I’m a Game Design lecturer at Open Window Institute for Arts & Digital Sciences, the very same college I graduated from in 2016 with a BA Film Arts specialising in 3D Animation and Game Design. Aside from that, I’m also currently pursuing my honours, free-lancing in web development, creating games and interactive experiences with ContentBOX and of course, making my own games too.