Update #2

Wow, it’s been busy the last few weeks. Making progress on Virtual Window, changed up my idea on Peace Pipe, which IMO is much better and more concrete now; participated in Ludum Dare 38, an international 72 hour game jam; and learnt a ton.

Codename: Peace Pipe

An idea is not a concept until it’s gone through a stage of metamorphosis and comes out the other side with more than just a beating heart. Once the idea has taken that potential and molded it into legs, can we start running with it. With this project, my idea gained a few shapes and forms before finally gaining it’s traction. With this in mind, I present my, hopefully final, concept under the codename of Peace Pipe:

You are a young boy, Orin, who finds himself in a fantastical world of floating islands. You solve puzzles, fight enemies and learn new abilities in order to progress to new islands. Your ultimate goal is to make your way to the only permanent island with a simple home on it. Along the way, you are shown memories related to the task you completed before moving on to the next island. Each of these memories are significant parts of a life you seemed to have forgotten. Once you finally reach the final island, you will be faced with the final boss and the deeper story is revealed.

My initial idea involved the same kind of themes and narrative although gameplay wise had very little form. As of now I have a clear target and method to push forward with.

I started developing the first starter island which will function as an introduction to the mechanics and narrative of the game.

Working on a tree now for the level with a South African flavour to it, so most-likely an acacia, wild fig tree or wild olive tree.

Virtual Window

Making good progress with the networking using UNET, interacting with other players and NPCs and also integrated world space HTML interactive content which would be interacted with within the classrooms.

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