Update #1

I’ve been busy with a couple different projects, some prototypes, honours, and lecturing. Arcado Potato, Codename: Peace Pipe, a Game Jam & Virtual Window.

Arcado Potato

At Open Window we, the Game Design department, Stephan and myself, are building an arcade machine to showcase student games on campus. We’ve got some building supplies for the shell and an old mac for the machine, which as I’ve now found out, doesn’t have a strong enough GPU -_- so we need to find an alternative machine for that. We’re also using a custom arduino controller with two joysticks and some buttons for two players. In the meantime, I created a quick little game launcher for the sudent games that takes the form of an arcade.

Codename: Peace Pipe

I started integrating some new systems to Peace Pipe, including swimming, terrain generation and texturing and a unique time-of-day system based on player height – more on this another time 😉

Quick Class Jam

We set aside an hour in class with the 2nd years to make a quick game in the easiest fashion for some practice. This was the result of my quick jam which you can also download here.

Virtual Window

The Virtual Window is a virtual representation of our Open Window campus and a playground for students to interact, relax and access news and other information. The 3 schools (Interactive Arts, Visual Communication & Film Arts), are each a faction within the game, with each student aligning themselves with one of the factions. There are plans for a battle arena, race track, plenty of easter eggs and achievements and many cosmetic items to unlock. I’ve also been working on the website which will eventually contain all that is the Virtual Window.

I started integrating the car system, a universal input system using Rewired, which is fantastic by the way, and I also created a generic character, that should save me time in the future in new games, but modular enough that it can be changed to fit the game.

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